Day 157-Jonquil Howard Johnson

Howaard Johnson Water Bottle Jonquil

I normally would not consider this water bottle to be Jonquil, I would think maybe Amber or Gold, but Jonquil was the “yellow/brown” catalog color during the years when I think these were made, so I called it Jonquil.  I just tested it with the ultraviolet light and it did not fluoresce, so that is another strike against Jonquil.  More questions to ask when I go to Blenko in the fall.


Jonquil Comparison


Now, before you tell yourself (or me) that this just isn’t Jonquil, try this.  Click on the photo and enlarge it.  Now take a piece of paper and cover most of the darker water bottle and compare the shoulder with the other water bottle.  Still think this can’t be Jonquil???????




One thought on “Day 157-Jonquil Howard Johnson

  1. I must agree. If you look at the Blenko Collectors website colors page:
    The Jonquil color page shows a flat rectangular decanter (can’t remember what they called these beautiful decanters) and it also looks like it could pass for a different color such as Amber, Honey, or Gold, but it is listed under Jonquil. I think it varies. Sometimes they were darker than other times. Just like we see with some colors still today. Topaz for instance can go from (almost) looking yellow or wheat to looking amber.

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