Day 158-Cobalt Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson Water Bottle Cobalt

Originally, I had this posted as Persian because Persian was the Blue color in the catalog when these bottles were made (I actually do not know when they were made.)  But when I compared this water bottle to a  regular Cobalt water bottle they were identical.   Information from the internet claims that Persian was not made in large quantities because it ruined the “pots” that the glass is melted in.  I also have Howard Johnson water bottles in other non-catalog colors so I am thinking that Howard Johnson may have specified colors that they wanted.


2 thoughts on “Day 158-Cobalt Howard Johnson

  1. This is the first time I have ever seen a Cobalt one. Very nice!!!

    Great job on all the hard work and research you put into this Boyson. I envision this website will one day be the official Blenko web site for water bottles. It is unofficially now, but where else can you go to get this detailed information. I thank you on behalf of all Blenko Water Bottle collectors. A job well done and I know still in progress!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Jeff. I think that it is important to document things now, and then add to them in the future. So many experimental colors are made into water bottles and if we do not document them as they happen, the information becomes hazy and is eventually lost. I am a bit of a fanatic regarding information anyway. I have documented each water bottle that I have purchased. The documentation is color, label if present, etching if any, when purchased, cost and any comments that I have. (Much of the first year was not saved but I was able to reconstruct through ebay and paypal records.) The white tags that appear in some of the photos are numbers which correspond to the list that I keep. I have this list in order by number, so basically it is in the order purchased. I also keep this list by the color so I can tell at a glance how many water bottles I have in an given color.

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