Day 167-Tangerine Howard Johnson

Howard Johnson Water Bottle Tangerine

Remember back on Day 30 when I told you that Tangerine is the most variable of Blenko’s colors?   This can only be Tangerine, it has the red at the rim and a little yellow, and some (ok, a lot) of clear, which is basically what Tangerine is.  I have two guesses about why it looks this way.  The first would be a low temperature during production, higher temperatures are what gets the color to develop.  The second would be that the colorant was added in a lesser amount and therefore the colors are less intense.  What do you think?

Howard Johnson Water Bottle from the bottom

Tangerine under Ultraviolet Light

It fluoresces under ultraviolet light like Tangerine would.

Tangerine Comparison

I know that this last comparison is a stretch, comparing Blenko to Kanawha, but you can see how closely shaded the two bottles are, especially if you imagine the Kanawha water bottle without the red areas on the shoulders and rim.  (Click on the photo to enlarge.)  This is the last Howard Johnson water bottle that I have to post at this time.  Tomorrow we will return the our regularly scheduled programming.




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