Day 168-Jonquil VINEYARD

Blenko VINEYARD Water Bottle Jonquil

Here is a second example of a Jonquil VINEYARD water bottle that I consider more typical of the color that Blenko calls Jonquil.  As you know, Jonquil is a variable color which is usually a warm yellow color but also one that can have more amber tones at times.  I will post a photo of the 2 Jonquil bottles together so you can see the variation.  This bottle is also etched BLENKO on the bottom.

Etching Detail


There is a pattern on the bottom of this water bottle which is just on the rim.  I have never seen this on a water bottle before.  I think that the glass was still hot enough that when it was set down, whatever it sat on left an imprint on the glass.   It almost looks like it was placed on diamond plate metal.  Perhaps, it is the mark of the conveyor belt that goes through the lehr.  In any case, it is unusual.  Blenko etching is on the left side.  Click on the photo to make it enlarge.

Jonquil VINEYARD under Ultraviolet Light


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