Day 173-Opaline

Blenko Water Bottle Opaline

I am calling this Opaline because it looks a lot like the newer color Opaline that I posted on Day 84.  I am quite sure it was not called Opaline when it was made, probably did not even have a color name.  I love it because it is a clunker and because it has survived all of these years.




3 thoughts on “Day 173-Opaline

  1. It’s an awesome color as well my friend! It looks part citrine. I never use to care so much for these “clunkers” but now I just love them! The thick heavy glass along with the exaggerated pour spouts and different neck sizes. They don’t make them like that anymore! I would love for my entire collection to be “clunkers” (except for the optic variations of course:-)! I wonder if it was the style of just one particular glass blower or the technique that was used back then? Good question for the Blenko “Old Timers”!

  2. I recently acquired one of these in what looks like the same color. It has a light green tint like the one pictured.
    Is the green tint an artifact of the picture and lighting or does the picture represent the color accurately?

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