Day 175-Kiwi Front-to-Back spouts

Blenko Water Bottle Kiwi

This odd example of a Kiwi Blenko water bottle has spouts that go from front to back.  In addition, it appears that it got a little too close to the glory hole when it was being fire polished, causing the left shoulder to collapse.  Although I would prefer a “perfect” example, the sunken shoulder reminds me of one of the many things that can go wrong when you are making glass by hand.

Please checkout some “enlightened” changes made to posts on Day 10 and Day 17.  It just goes to show that you (meaning me) are never to old to learn.

Also, if you are not already aware, The Blenko Project has blossomed online (  It now contains catalogs for the past 30 years or so.  These recent updates are not complete, some pages do not enlarge and there are a few other minor proiblems which I am sure will get ironed out as time permits.  This is a huge addition to the Blenko information available to collectors online.  I recommend that you check them out especially if you have some detective work of your own to do.  Information regarding current and past employees is also being developed and shared.  Thank you Hillary Homburg for all of the work that you are doing to promote Blenko and assist the collectors.  We appreciate it.


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