Day 181-honey amber

Blenko Water Bottle Honey Amber

I purchased this water bottle in December of 2006 and the seller called it honey amber.  The only amber catalog color in 2006 was Topaz and this does not look like Topaz so I will let the honey amber name stick for now.  Notice the deep rich brown at the neck.  It almost looks like this color develops with the extra heat.

Etching Detail


One thought on “Day 181-honey amber

  1. Yes this is definately Honey Amber. I remember when they showed up on ebay. Blenko made a small batch of them and that is what they called it. I don’t know if they were experimenting or what. I also don’t know why the didn’t replace Topaz with it because in my opinion it is one of the most Beautiful water bottles. I have one and it is one of my favorites for sure. I use to have a couple, but sold them on ebay of course. Wish I still had them because they are as rare as hen’s teeth.

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