Day 183-Seabreeze with Copper Rim

Blenko Water Bottle Seabreeze

Today is a milestone in the blog.  Post 183 marks the halfway point of the “Year of Blenko Water Bottles.”  The good news is that we still have 183 (at least) posts to go.

In 2009, 4 of these appeared in the Visitors Center.  I assume they were some  kind of a test run that was never put into production.  I have never heard of any more being made in Seabreeze or any other color.  (Disclaimer: Just because I never heard of them does not mean that they do not exist.  Has anybody seen any of them?)

This is the third and final Seabreeze water bottle that is cased in Crystal.  Evidently Seabreeze and Cased Seabreeze have the same color name.

Rim detail

Copper Rim Detail

Etching Detail

Casing Detail

Blog Update-November 29, 2013:  Cased Seabreeze is still called

Seabreeze.   Copper is one of the colorants used in Seabreeze and the copper rim comes from overheating the rim which forces some of the copper out of the glass to be deposited on the rim.


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