Day 185-Olive

Blenko Water Bottle Olive Green

Without labels I have a difficult time telling the difference between Olive Green, Olive and Kiwi.  Lets throw Jungle into that group as well.  At least Kiwi and Jungle will usually have the date etched on the bottom which will determine what you have.  I think that Olive Green is more green and Olive has or can have a slight yellow/amber cast to areas of it.  What I am trying to tell you is that I think this is Olive but don’t make any wagers on that.

Blog Update-November 28, 2013:  It is nice to clear up this confusion.  On my recent visit to Blenko I was told that Olive is the exact same formulation as Olive Green.  AND Kiwi is the same as Jungle, only the names are different.  Also this water bottle has the raised ridge bottom on it so we can be fairly sure that it is not technically Olive Green even though there is no difference in the color.


One thought on “Day 185-Olive

  1. Really, there are many colors you can’t make a wager on! Cullet colors mix for a one time variation. That is part of the beauty of it and the reason we are able to collect sooooooooooo many different bottles. I could own a hundred tangerine bottles and each one be different. I found a blue bottle at the VC that was cased with fire and ice yellow the other day. It essentially made it a blue bottle with a green top- fabulous find while unpacking the crates. (That is an experience that I equate to a 5 year old’s Chrsitmas! What is under the tree? What did they send down from the factory?) Marilyn was gracious enough to let me buy it.

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