Day 189-Amethyst-BCS

Blenko Collectors Society Water Bottle Amethyst

This is the first of four Blenko Collector Society water bottles that I have to post.  The Blenko Collectors Society, in 2003, began a series of etched water bottles to commemorate The Blenko Festival of Glass which was held usually in August.  These water bottles were made each year for 5 years,each year being a different color.  Sadly, the Blenko Collectors Society is no longer in existence.  Blenko still has the gathering of Blenko Collectors each fall.  I hope to attend this year and perhaps make a piece of Blenko glass myself.  This example is signed and etched.

Blenko Colletcors Society Water Bottle Amethyst

Etching Detail


One thought on “Day 189-Amethyst-BCS

  1. The Festival of Glass will be August 3 and 4 this year. One of the classes is to make your own water bottle, and they will have new mini water bottles, some very limited with handles. Can’t wait- come on down it is worth the trip!

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