Day 205-glacier blue (cased Teal)

Blenko Water Bottle glacier blue

When I first wrote today’s  post, I named this one Seafoam.  As soon as I saved it, I knew that I could not post it as Seafoam and I would have to change the posting.  After sleeping on it, I decided to take naming rights on this water bottle and call it glacier blue because it reminds me of the blue color you see in glacial ice.

When you look at the first comparison photo below, you can see that the color is just too blue to be Seafoam.  Basically, the only thing this has in common with Seafoam is that they are both cased.

Compare to Seafoam.

The photograph above compares today’s water bottle with a bona fide Seafoam.

Compare to Ice Blue

The photograph above compares today’s water bottle to an Ice Blue example,(1951-1953.)  This is actually the closest match colorwise, but Ice Blue is not cased.  Ice Blue and glacier blue?  It works for me.

Compare to Antique Green

Just to cover all of the bases, the above photograph compares today’s water bottle with an example in Antique Green (not cased.)

Blog Update-December 2, 2013:  I have been re-reading the blog posts and correcting posts with new information that has come my way since the original post.   That has lead me to focus on the glacier blue water bottle among other things.  I began to wonder if it was the cased Turquoise,  a color introduced to the catalog in 2003 as Ice Blue.  When I compared it to Ice Blue (the newer cased one) Ice blue was much more blue.

So then, I thought that Blenko would surely not make a blue color only for the purpose of casing in Crystal.  The blue that is encased must be one of the blue colors produced when the Square B label was in use.  Those colors are Midnight Blue, Sapphire, Cobalt and Teal.  We can be sure that it is not cased Midnight Blue and cased Sapphire and cased Cobalt are just Azure.  That leaves Teal as the most likely option and when I made a comparison, the base color in the glacier blue water bottle is a perfect match for 80’s & 90’s Teal.  I will post a comparison photo as soon as I can make some room in the photo storage.  At this point the blog will not accept one more photo.


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