Day 207-The Mini Water bottles are coming

Size comparison

This is a first.  Two posts in one day.  I just had to share this information with you and could not wait.  Many of you know that Blenko is making small versions of their iconic water bottle.  I received this photograph and the ones below to share with you.  My understanding is that they will go on sale during the 2012 Festival of Glass which will be taking place August 3rd and 4th.  The regular mini water bottles will retail for $32.00.  In addition to these small water bottles, Blenko is also making a pair (Turquoise and Yellow) of handled mini water bottles.  These are a Festival special.  There will be 50 of each color offered on  a first come basis to persons attending the Festival, limited to one of each color per person.   In addition, 50 in each color will be available on line starting at noon Eastern time on Saturday for those unable to attend in person.  The price of the handled mini’s is $45.00 each.  Online orders will have packing and shipping charges added depending on your location.   None of these or the other special offerings will be available by phone.  The size of the regular mini is 6 inches and the handled version is 6 1/4 inches.

The mini water bottle is being produced in advance of the 75 year anniversary of the first water bottle which is 2013.  Additional “specials” can be anticipated for the 2013 celebration.   Because of the cost of the metal mold, I am sure that these mini water bottles will be produced for many years to come.

Turquoise and Yellow Mini”s

Turquoise Mini

Yellow Mini

many years.


3 thoughts on “Day 207-The Mini Water bottles are coming

  1. Great to see a side by side finally!!! …Pretty neat & I can’t wait for what new specials may be in store for 2013. I think there’s room to make a “mini” mini, what do you think?

  2. I think this is great. I especially like the mini bottles with handles. I hope I can get one. What better wait to celebrate the Anniversary.

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