Day 215-Sea Green Handled

Handled Blenko Water Bottle Sea Green

Now you only have 5 more Sea Green to go!  The base color of the Sea Green can be seen in the thick spot on the bottom of this water bottle.  Below is a comparison shot of the 3 handled Sea Green water bottles.  One of these has already found a new home.

I tried to convince myself that the water bottle on the right was Surf Green, but either I wasn’t very convincing or I wasn’t very gullible.    I now know that Surf Green is an unlikely color for handled water bottles because of their production dates.  (Surf Green was 1970.)   Of course, it is possible that handled water bottles were produced experimentally before the 1948 date or occasionally after 1950.  Repeated requests for NEW handled water bottles to the managers at Blenko have all been turned down.  My check book balance is very happy about that.  (Except, we now know that two different Mini Water Bottles will be available in a day or two.)

Click on the photograph for a large version and notice the color variations and the differences in the handle shapes.


3 thoughts on “Day 215-Sea Green Handled

  1. Well, I am fortunate to have one of these treasures- a gift from a very dear friend! I wonder what percentage of these bottle have survived intact? I would say a very small amount since the bottle is so heavy for that fairly thin handle to support. Mine bottle is front and center in my collection. I have never run into one in any antique store, but hope to find one someday. What a thrill that would be! I am looking forward to the mini handled bottles. They are cute little fellas!

    • The mini handled water bottles will be great. I am hoping that more of them will be made in different colors in the future. Maybe this will open the door to producing handles on regular bottles at some point in the future. I also cannot wait to see what comes out of the water bottle making class.

  2. Well, I imagine some bottles that came from the class will be better than others, but at any rate, it was a blast. I met some great people there, got some beautiful bottles and had a great time.
    The mini handles bottles are really cute and the colors are very nice. I think that people who were able to be there or who ordered on line will be extremely pleased.

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