Day 218-Ebony

Blenko Water Bottle Ebony

This Ebony water bottle was made in 1999, the first year Ebony was a catalog color and the only year that Ebony had the Orange Ball label.


One thought on “Day 218-Ebony

  1. I have one with the Orange Ball Label as well. These are not dated on the bottom because Blenko didn’t start sand blasting their name and year on the base of water bottles until 2001 I believe. However, we know they are from 1999 since that is when Ebony was first introduced. It’s actually an incredibly deep amethyst/purple. If you hold it up to a bright light and look inside through the mouth you usually can catch a glimpse of the true color. I have owned several of these and also have one from 2004. The one I have from 1999 is the darkest I have ever seen before though. I haven’t been able to see the purple amethyst in it no matter how bright the light. These water bottles have become very hard to find and are very desirable.

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