Day 221-Teal

Blenko Water Bottle Teal

This is the shade of Teal from the 1980’s and 1990’s, notice the (faded) Square B label.

As an aid to understanding the relative rarity of colors, I have added the chart that you will see below.  Now, I realize this is not strictly statistical or scientific either for that matter, but it should help you have an understanding of the number of years that any catalog color was produced.  Production in the early years was much less than in the recent years and, of course, colors that sold well were made in greater quantity.  Several colors were produced in limited quantities for one or more years even though they were not “catalog”.  Some colors were catalog but not catalog for water bottles.  So use this as a point of interest and a loose gauge of rarity, knowing that it is not exact.

Blenko Colors

Listed by number of years as a catalog color (1936-2012)

One year: Apricot, Aqua, Avocado, Chestnut, Juniper, Pine, Surf Green, Vineyard, Ginger, Slate

Two Years: Celery, Desert Green, Ebony, Grass, Jungle, Lavender, Lemon, Lilac, Opaline Yellow, Peacock, Rose’

Three years: Dusty Rose, Gold, Uncased Ice Blue, Cased Ice Blue, Persian, Yellow

Four Years: Honey, Plum

Five Years: Clover, Dreamcicle, Electric, Lime, Ocean Blue, Seabreeze, Spring Green

6 years-Jonquil, Seafoam

7 years –Chartreuse

8 years –Charcoal, Olive, Olive Green, Teal

9 years –Antique Green (cased variant)

10 years –Kiwi, Marine Crystal

11 years –Sapphire

12 years –Antique Green (uncased variant)

13 years –Sky Blue

15 years –Orchid ,Violet, Wheat

22 years –Amber, Azure, Ruby, Topaz

27 years –Cobalt, Sea Green

33 years –Amethyst

35 years –Emerald

37 years –Tangerine, Turquoise

67 years –Crystal


4 thoughts on “Day 221-Teal

  1. 1957 Juniper appears to be missing from the “Blenko Colors” – Listed by number of years as a catalog color (1936-2012).

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