Day222-Sky Blue

Blenko Water Botle Sky Blue

Sky Blue was last made in 1949.  I think this is one of the earlier examples because of the height and the shape of the neck.  You can’t have too many water bottles in Sky Blue!


2 thoughts on “Day222-Sky Blue

  1. I have one almost identical in every aspect, although it might be Turquiose. The blue is so rich that I almost thought it was a light cobalt at first. I am really starting to love these early “clunkers”. I have a very heavy and deep cobalt that looks very early as well (like this one). It has a natural optical pattern to the glass. An incredible piece!!!

  2. I agree, Cant have too many of the early Sky Blue clunkers. This is such a pretty shade of blue. In my early days of collecting I found a bubble & junk filled sky blue clunker at a yard sale & didn’t think it was Blenko due to the weight & size plus knowing there’s many copycats. I later found out about “clunkers” & the early Blenko bottles. This was pre ‘google search’ so info wasnt at your fingertips like now. I’m glad I kept it all these years, it’s one of my most unique & favorite bottles!

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