Day 224-Tangerine Mini

Blenko Mini Water Bottle Tangerine

My care package arrived today from West Virginia and I got my first real look at the new Mini Water Bottles.  I have to say that I am delighted.  I had today’s blog post already scheduled but rescheduled that post for a later date.  I debated briefly thinking that it might be better to wait until I had a lot more of these to share but decided that Mini water bottles are today’s news and should be shown immediately.  I was surprised, in a good way,  to see how small they were.  For some reason, the initial photo lead me to believe that they would be somewhat larger.  Looking back at that posting today, I don’t know why I expected them to be bigger.  I think they are the perfect size.   When I post photos of mini water bottles in the future, I will try to always photograph them next to a regular water bottle.  That way there will be no confusion that the posting is about a mini water bottle.    I have chosen Crystal as a comparison piece so you can see the size but not be distracted by color.   I will post Mini’s for a few more days before resuming with the regular size water bottles.  This example is not etched on the bottom.

Blenko Mini Water Bottle Tangerine


Side Ways Comparison


Tangerine Mini under Ultraviolet light




2 thoughts on “Day 224-Tangerine Mini

  1. I too was both surprised and delighted at their size. I also thought they would be larger. I guess it’s because we are use to “Large” when it comes to Blenko, but now we get to enjoy this flip side of the popular “Bigger is Better” belief. These little fellas are wonderful!

  2. I agree they are a nice size in person & in photos they do look alot larger even comparing them next to a full
    size bottle. You must hold one to truely grasp the size. I aquired several colors of minis & coincidently my Tangerine mini is not etched on the base either, it’s the only one not etched. ….I’m kinda wishing all my bottles could be minis, only because Im running out of room to display all my full size bottles!!!

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