Day 225-Turquoise Handled Mini-Festival of Glass

Blenko Handled Mini Water Bottle Turquoise

The Turquoise handled Mini Water Bottle was made as a limited edition especially for the 2012 Festival of Glass held on August 3 and 4.  There were 50 available to the attendees and each is numbered and  etched on the bottom FOG-12 (Festival of Glass)  Another 50 were available for purchase on-line for those not fortunate enough to attend.  Each handled mini water bottle came in it’s own box with accompanying card (color coordinated with the bottle color!)  The box and card should be retained as they will undoubtedly add to the value should you decide to sell at some point in the future.

Turquoise Handled Miniature

Side Ways Comparison

Etching Detail

Bottle and Box


One thought on “Day 225-Turquoise Handled Mini-Festival of Glass

  1. What a beautiful limited edition piece they designed this year! I’m please to have attended this years FOG & urge others to go in the future, it’s great fun with different events going on, tours, door prizes, limited edition pieces, friendly staff & collectors plus a shopping trip to Blenko is always an eyeful of color that nobody forgets!

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