Day 226-Yellow Handled Mini-Festival of Glass

Blenko Mini Handled Water Bottle Yellow

One additional limited edition special made for the 2012 Festival of Glass is the Yellow Handled Mini Water Bottle.    These were etched FOG-12 like the Turquoise example posted yesterday and came in their own individual box with presentation card, color coordinated to the Yellow bottle color.  One enthusiastic collector said,”IF regular water bottles are like dogs, mini water bottles are like puppies!”  If you are not a dog person, you will still love the mini water bottles.

I think that by seeing a comparison from the side you will get a better idea of the smaller size.  When I saw my first comparison I imagined that the minis were as thick as the regular water bottles.

Solo Yellow

Etching Detail

Bottle and Box

I almost forgot to mention that the Yellow mini water bottle fluoresces under a black light.

Blenko Mini Yellow under fluorescent light


2 thoughts on “Day 226-Yellow Handled Mini-Festival of Glass

  1. I love this yellow color espicially since blenko doesn’t work with it so much. This mini will likely be sought after in years to come more so than the Turqiouse example in my opinion. Since I attended the FOG event & got to see many of these yellow minis in person I would like to add that the color variations of this limited bottle run from an almost clear yellow all the way to being nearly fully opaque. This yellow is a “striking” color which means the color wil change depending on the individual heat intensity & length of glory hole soaking time each one gets during the finishing & tooling process. For this reason no two yellow bottles will ever be exactly the same.

  2. I think the yellow handle on this one is beautiful. It is by far the darkest example of the handle I have seen. They are usually lighter than the bottle itself.

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