Day 227-Charcoal-Mini

Blenko Mini Water Bottle Charcoal

This Charcoal mini water bottle was also a limited edition piece offered at the 2012 Festival of glass but they are not numbered.  They are just limited in number.  The story behind these is that there was some Violet glass still in the tank when the ingredients for Charcoal were added and that is why there seems to be a purple tint to these.  Like the “cullet purple” glass from the 2010 Festival of Glass, this color cannot be reproduced.


Sideview Charcoal

Solo Charcoal Mini

Etching Detail

This example is also signed by Walter and Andrew Blenko.


One thought on “Day 227-Charcoal-Mini

  1. I got one of these & been been calling it “dirty violet” because that’s what it looks like to me…I’m no fan of this color but it’s definately an oddball now parked in my permanent collection & it’s great to know the real story behind this color.

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