Day 230-Sweet Pea

Blenko Water Bottle Sweet Pea

As far as I am aware, Sweet Pea was only made in the regular water bottle  in 2008.    It was a special color produced for the Festival of Glass that year.  It is definitely purple and not to be confused with Pink Ice.   I have posted Optic water bottles in Sweet Pea for 2010 but have not seen any regular water bottles.

Blenko Water Bottle Comparison

Sweet Pea on the Left, Pink Ice on the Right with a Rose’ in the center.

Sweet Comparison

Dusty Rose on the left and Sweet Pea on the right.


2 thoughts on “Day 230-Sweet Pea

  1. I have one from 2008 & from the moment I got it, it’s been hands down my favorite all time color. I just love the way the color shifts from pink to purple in person under different lighting & all the micro seeding found in this color reminds me a bit of the old clunkers. Blenko made a winner with this one!

  2. I totally agree Unclemikey. It’s one of my all time favorite colors too. When I saw it for the first time in 2010 it was love at first sight!. I have one in the Small Diamond Optic pattern that a good friend got for me, but am looking for all the other variants: Plain, Straight Optic, and Large Diamond Optic. Large Diamond Optic is a cross between Small Diamond Optic and Straight Diamond Optic. It’s very similar to Straight Optic except the lines are not straight. They crisscross each other with much wider margins than the Small Diamond Optic. I also like the fact that you don’t feel the “imprint” left by the Small Diamond Optic on the outside of the water bottle. I prefer that the optical patterns be inside the glass more than on the outside of the glass if that makes since. Sadly, Blenko doesn’t make the Large Diamond Optic water bottles anymore, but I know there are a few floating around out there. Regardless any of the ones I mentioned are at the top of my want list and I would be open to trading anything in my collection for a nice Large Diamond Optic or Straight Optic example. I would also be willing to pay a very handsome sum for any of them. My top pick would be the Large Diamond Optic, followed by the Straight Optic, then the Plain. I hope the owner of this website doesn’t mind me advertising just this one time 🙂 My email is Thanks.

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