Day 231-Ice Blue

Blenko Water Bottle Ice Blue

Ice Blue is one of the lightest shades of Blue that Blenko made and has no Blenko color that it can be confused with.  It has the same intensity of color as Antique Green but it is blue.  A comparison  with Azure and Antique Green is pictured below.  Ice Blue was made as a catalog color in 1951, 1952 and 1953.  This is a solid (not a cased) color.  Ice Blue was offered as a catalog color again in 2003, 2004 and 2005, but this Ice Blue was cased Turquoise and not the original as is pictured in the photo above.

Color Comparison Azure, Ice Blue and Antique Green.


The Photos below were added in response to follower comments.    The first photo shows a comparison between Bryces Cerealian Blue Optic and Blenko Ice Blue.  The second photograph (as well as the first) shows the optic pattern on the Bryce water bottle.  The bottom two rows of the Bryce optic pattern are more like VINEYARD circles or dots and as the pattern moves up the water bottle it changes into a rounded diamond pattern.  Initially, I wondered if the Bryce bottle was first blown as a VINEYARD water bottle and then in a regular water bottle mold.  As I learned more about the making of glass I realized this would not have resulted in the bottle I was seeing.  Another problem with that idea was that Ice Blue preceded the VINEYARD line by a decade, so Blenko would have to had remade Ice Blue to do this and that did not seem feasible.  Later, I learned about Bryce and the pieces seemed to come together.


Bryce Comparison


Bryce (Not Blenko) Optic Detail



7 thoughts on “Day 231-Ice Blue

  1. I can’t tell for sure from the pictures, but is it a cased color like Azure Blue? I have a cased blue color that is the most beautiful and light shade of blue I have ever seen. I’m wondering if it might be this color? It is not Azure Blue. It is much lighter and leans to more of a neon blue. It doesn’t look ike sky blue either and it does not to appear to be a super old bottle, but older because it has no stamp on the bottom. It’s gorgeous.

    • Before I knew anything about Bryce I assumed that the Bryce bottles were Blenko’s Ice Blue, so the answer to your question is Yes. I always knew something was “wrong” because none of my other Blenko water bottles had the diamond optic pattern (which now they do of course.)

      • Could you explain this Diamond Optic Pattern in these Bryce bottles? I have a very old Blenko “Clunker” in the deepest cobat I have every seen. Partly because the glass is so thick and heavy. It has a large diamond optic pattern that is to well done to be an accident. It’s one of my favorite bottles and a recent acquisition on ebay.

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