Day 238-Amber

Blenko Water Bottle Amber

This is another example of the Amber color I originally thought was Olive.  While Olive could have the Silver hand label (it was made from 1972 to 1976 and 1993 to 1995) the proportions of this water bottle look to be of an older vintage.


2 thoughts on “Day 238-Amber

  1. I really like this color! I have always been a sucker for amber though! This one is a different shade that I have never seen before.

  2. I was looking through my collection and I found a color very similar to this. It’s a “clunker”, and is deeper in color. It looks like a mixture of olive and amber. In certain light it is more green and in other light it is more amber. I used to collect antique bottles avidly in the 90’s and we called this color Olive Amber, although I doubt Blenko calls it that. Regardless it’s a beautiful color if you like earth tones (and I do)!

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