Day 248-cased orange 4 Spout (Sunburst)

Blenko Four Spout Water Bottle Cased orange

This water bottle gets a designation of cased orange for 2 reasons.   The first is that it is cased in Crystal which Dreamcicle is not (Correction: Dreamcicle is cased, Crystal cased in orange.)  and the second is that Dreamcicle became a catalog color in 2008 and this is etched 2007.  I believe that it was an experimental color which was beaten out by the actual formula used for Dreamcicle.

Etching Detail

I have learned from asking questions while at Blenko, that orange cased in Crystal is called Sunburst, so the title of this posting has been amended to reflect that.


One thought on “Day 248-cased orange 4 Spout (Sunburst)

  1. I remember when Blenko was first experimenting with the orange (probably pre 2007 because I have one with that date). The first examples that came out of the factory had lots of stones in them. The early ones were more opaque as well. It took a year or so before they got it right, but when they did, boy did they ever!

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