Day265-Bonus Post Water Bottle Bottoms

Bottom Raised Ridge Group

Blog Post rewrite-October 10, 2012   Several updates with added information made the original post nearly impossible to read and understand so I decided to do a rewrite.

Well, this post is obviously an anomaly.  It does not show a unique water bottle like all of the rest of the posts up to this point.  The purpose of this blog is to (hopefully) share our individual knowledge, figure things out and teach each other things about our beloved water bottles.  We question each other and hopefully find some answers.  Recently, one of our fellow collectors and blog followers asked me a question.  “Have you noticed that some of the water bottles seem to have a ridge around the bottom?”  (Most of the water bottles are slightly sunken in the center of the bottom but these examples have a very definite ridge.)  To be completely honest, I had noticed that but had filed it in the back of my mind and I hadn’t really given it any thought.  However, the question brought it to the front and tonight I sat down in front of the water bottle wall and started to look at the bottoms of all of the water bottles, no small task.  If I came across a water bottle with that bottom, shown in the photo above, I turned the water bottle sideways.

As I am doing this, I notice that the water bottles with labels seem to all have the Square B label so I start to think that maybe these bottles all come from a certain mold that was used during a specific time period.  This excites me because it could help us identify some of the colors.  (It actually does, I will explain that later.)  After I get through all of the water bottles, I also have some with the Silver Hand foil label but none with the plastic Silver hand label.    I have prepared a nice chart which for reasons I do not understand,  wordpress will not allow me to add.  So I will explain my thinking.

Starting with the early date of 1970, Blenko made Surf Green,  but the Surf Green water bottle that I have does not have a raised ridge.  Now, maybe Blenko put the raised ridge mold into use in 1970 but after my Surf Green water bottle was blown.  So we can use 1970 as an absolute earliest date for the raised ridge mold at this point.   (I also have a Pine water bottle without the ridge but I am not absolutely sure of the color so I am reluctant to use it as a guide at this time.)

In looking for a final year for the use of the raised ridge mold, I looked at my Plum water bottles.  I do have a Plum water bottle with the raised ridge but I also have a couple without the raised ridge.  Plum was made in 1988, 1989 and  1990.  This tells us that Blenko retired the raised ridge mold somewhere during that time period-1988-1990.   So the longest possible range of use for this mold would be 1970 to 1990.

To narrow down the definite use dates, the earliest definite date at this point is 1976.  Here is how I know this.  I have an Olive water bottle with the raised ridge bottom and Olive was made from 1972 to 1976, so the mold had to have been used in 1976 and possibly earlier.  For the last definite date, I looked to Plum again to determine that 1988 is the last definite date.  (I have a Plum water bottle with the raised ridge.  Plum was first made in 1988 so we know that the mold was used in 1988.)

To recap this, the raised ridge mold was definitely used from 1976 to 1988.  It is possible that it was in use as early as 1970 and as late as 1990.  Additional water bottles in my collection with the raised ridge are in the following colors:Ruby, Apricot,  Opaline Yellow,   Sapphire, Antique Green, Tangerine, Grass, Wheat, Amber, Crystal,  Azure and Teal.  All of these colors were produced during the “definite” time period.   Jeff has reported a Turquoise which also fits in our time period.

Bottom Raised Ridge Group

–A Surf Green with a raised ridge would set the definite date to 1970.

–Charcoal was made in 1971.  A raised ridge Charcoal would extend the definite date to 1971.

–Emerald Green was made 1n 1972 and 1973 with the Foil label.  If we find a raised ridge Emerald, that would extend our early date to 1973.

–Pine was made in 1974 with the foil label.   A Pine with a raised ridge would also extend our early date.

I do not see a way to further pin down the late definite or late possible date.

Please check your collection when you get the chance and let me know if you find anything interesting.

Here is how raised ridges could help you determine some colors:

–Green colors with raised ridge bottoms are Antique Green (early variation), Grass and Olive.  If you are confused between Olive, Olive Green and/or Kiwi, a raised ridge will narrow the possibilities to Olive.  (The water bottle posted on Day 198 (which I thought was possibly Grass but the upward pointing spouts also made me think it might not even be Blenko) is not Grass.  It does not have the raised ridge bottom and is therefore not Grass and probably not Blenko.)

–Brown water bottles with a raised ridge bottom are either Amber (1985) or Wheat but not Topaz.

–Dark blue with a raised ridge is most likely Sapphire (but could be Cobalt if the raised ridge was used in 1990.)

–Ruby with a raised ridge was made in 1984 and would have originally had a Square B label.

–Opaline Yellow from 1986 would have had a raised ridge and this can be used to separate it from more recent Yellow.

–If you have a cased purple color with a raised ridge it is Dusty Rose and not Orchid.  (Lack of a raised ridge does not mean your bottle is NOT Dusty Rose.

That is the state of my understanding at this time.  I will wait for more input from you to see if we can refine this further.

Bottom Raised Ridge Group


5 thoughts on “Day265-Bonus Post Water Bottle Bottoms

  1. This is such an interesting topic here to narrow down dates & colors. I own an Antique Green & a Cobalt with raised base rim & Block B label. According to your timeline I could be mistaking cobalt for another shade of blue possibly azure. I have none without labels as anytime I got duplicates with the raised base rim & no label I would resell them because I prefer the thick bases. This now brings up another point I noticed, all of the raised base rim bottles Ive come across are quite thin & flat at the bottom. Has anyone else noticed the base rim versions all being thin & flat? This may be another clue for ID & why are they not thick like the majority of bottles?

    • Is your Antique Green the pale green one or the one later called Seafoam? Your Cobalt water bottle could be Cobalt which started in 1990 or Sapphire which I believe is just Cobalt by another name. (Azure would be cased in Crystal.) All of mine are thin and flat as well. They are not super thin but none of them have really thick areas in the bases like water bottles from other time periods. It may just be from the glass blower being more consistant in his technique. You would know more about that than me. I have an pale Antique Green with the raised rim and a silver foil hand label but it does not help us expand the period of use for that mold. However, if yours is the cased Emerald variety that would extend the period to 1991 at least.

  2. Lorin,
    I have an early Turquoise with a foil label that has a raised bottom like these. It looks like an early one and is the deepest Turquoise I have ever seen.

    • That will extend the date range to 1979-1988. I also have Crystal without a label which would be of no use in determining dates and some amber which would be Wheat or Amber. There should also be some Azure out there from the cased Sapphire time frame.

      • I’ll keep looking. I only have about 250 and that’s a conservative estimate. They are stashed in closets all over the house becase I only have enough room to display about 50.

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