Day 268-Bonus Post Special 2013 Miniature Water Bottles

Dreamcicle Miniature Water Bottle
Photo courtesy of Blenko

Blenko has announced a special for the year of 2013, that being a different, non-catalog color miniature water bottle.  One new color for each month of the year.  Details are below.  A limited number of Yellow and Turquoise handled mini water bottles are still available on a first come basis.  If you want to order your mini’s now or one of the handled mini’s just click on the link below.

To celebrate the release of the Mini Water Bottle, starting in January 2013 we will be releasing a Limited Edition Mini Water Bottle in a special color each month. These colors celebrate the wide range of colors Blenko has produced throughout the years. The colors will be: January-Ice Blue, February-Cinnamon, March-Peacock, April-Ant Green, May-Orchid, June-Yellow, July-Turquoise, August-Charcoal, September-Amethyst, October-Dreamcicle, November-Wheat, and December-Emerald. We are now taking pre-orders for these bottles. The last day to order the January bottle will be November 16, 2012. We will produce only the number of January bottles we have on order at that time, so be sure to get your order in before the deadline. To order go to, click on Water Bottle and click on Ltd. Edition Mini.

When you go to the Blenko website, Click on the water bottles (5) and your last option will be the series of mini water bottles.  You can order just one for January or 1 for each month or multiples of your favorites.  There will be cut off dates for each month approximately 6 weeks prior to the beginning of that month so if you do not intend to order all you want now, do not miss the deadline.  Blenko will only make the number that have been ordered.

I have already ordered mine.  Each month must be ordered separately, you have to choose an option of no signature or signature for each bottle before you can add that month to the cart.  The default number is 1 (one) but you can order multiples if you want.  Once you click on add to cart you will be shown what you ordered.  Verify it is correct and click on continue shopping and order the colors and numbers that you want.  When done hit the checkout button and pay.  Shipping will be calculated later and depends on the distance between you and Blenko.


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