Day 270-Spring Green Fade

Blenko Water Bottle Spring Green Fade

“Fade” is a category of water bottle that has color at the top but is clear at the bottom.   These are  assumed to be cased water bottles where the Crystal at the bottom is not just a thin layer but a band.  It happens when the gather of colored glass goes back for a thin covering of crystal but for one reason or another there is a thick layer of glass added.  I also assume that the guys at Blenko make these on purpose like they make the four spouts just because they feel like it.  It makes an interesting category for the collector.  I currently have 9 of these.  Most, but not all, are colors that are usually cased.

I had another unusual one but there is a collector who really admires these so that one went back to West Virginia to live with it’s extended family.  I think that after my collection is all posted we may just see a photograph of this unusual one.  I suppose that Desert Green could be considered a “Fade” example as well.


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