Day 275-Charcoal Fade

Blenko Fade Water Bottle Charcoal

Charcoal is called Charcoal whether it is cased or not.  This example appears to be from the 50’s or 60’s as the 70’s charcoal was more in the blue range.  I wonder, what other early Fades will show up in other collections?


4 thoughts on “Day 275-Charcoal Fade

  1. Oh, wow! I am sooooo jealous of this one. Beautiful!!! I love the fades. I call them 1/2 cased. When we had the Festival event where you can make your own water bottle, the gatherer asked what color I wanted- cobalt or cased cobalt or green. I asked if I could make one partially cased. No, they are either cased or they aren’t. Ah, I beg to differ! And some of these are the very best bottles in my eye. Rejects for some, but not for me. Most, save one, of mine are newer factory finds.

    • We both have Ruby that are “fades” and Ruby is never cased (there’s that “N” word, which I know you should not use when describing Blenko.) But there they are. So, they have to be made on purpose, wouldn’t you think?

  2. I just absolutely love these fade colors. I’m so jealous I have none in my collection. I wish I lived close to the factory, Id be the biggest Blenko Junkie! …Imagine the added sales Blenko would achieve if they produced each color as a solid & a fade. Add that in a mini too. It would be so very easy for them to do this. I bet all it would take it some suggesting to Andy & Walter then we will start seeing fades as a whole new official product line.

  3. Yes, I think they are on purpose, or they just are scooping up the last little bit of color. Unclemikey- I will try to find you your first fade bottle! They appear now and then- I will put my buddies at the VC on watch for us!
    And, yes, you are correct- one can not use the word “never” in regard to Blenko, especially with the pieces we get here that are not regular catalog items. They laugh at me at the VC when I find an odd-ball bottle. They think I am nuts. I found a bottle that is cobalt with a dark green top a few months ago. I about lost it! Yes, I have an addiction! 🙂

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