Day 277-Celery Fade

Blenko Water Bottle Kiwi Fade

Kiwi is not a color that is normally cased and there is no official name for cased Kiwi.    Blenko has not added cased Kiwi to the catalog as of yet..  This example is marked Blenko 2001 on the base.

This is the only etching from 2001 that I have in the collection.  I do not have any from 2000.


Blog Update-November 29, 2013:  Because we now know that Jungle is just another name for Kiwi, we also know that cased Kiwi is the same as cased Jungle and therefor this bottle is Celery.

Etching Detail


3 thoughts on “Day 277-Celery Fade

  1. Thank you- we have tried to put this in any ebay listings, but there are some who insist they are all limited. Only numbered ones or some non-production or special colors are limited. The rest, though not as plentiful at present, will continue to be available in the VC and on line from Blenko. Everyone needs to get on the Blenko site and sign up for the special limited bottles next year. You must pre-order or you will not get them!

    • At least one Ebay seller is selling mini water bottles as though they are only going to be made for a short time. Blenko has spent THOUSANDS of dollars to have a METAL mold made and I assure you that Mini water bottles will be around for as long as we are here buying them. Lots of new colors will be made in the mini mold.

  2. There are two types of etching on the bottom of the 2001 bottles. The etching above where Blenko and the date are in a straight line. The other more common type of etching has Blenko above the date. I have noticed that the straight line etching seems to be only on non catalog colors. I have only seen a couple of the straight line etching’s, does any one else have a 2001 item with the etching in a straight line as above?

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