Day 283-Amethyst

Blenko Water Bottle Amethyst

I believe this Amethyst water bottle is from the early 40’s.  Most water bottles have necks that go pretty much straight up on the sides.  I just have a few examples where the whole neck is stretched sideways so the neck joins the shoulder at about a 30 degree angle.  I wonder if there was a specific finisher who created these or if it just happened from time to time.   It has a great “earthy” color.  You can almost see the brown in it.


4 thoughts on “Day 283-Amethyst

  1. Lovely bottle with rich color. Very nice. This neck stretching happens because of 1 of 2 things, the finisher “pulled” the spouts a bit or “pryed” if you will instead of gently “rolling” them out….or the mouth wasn’t hot enough when the spouts were formed. If the lip isn’t much, much hotter than the neck at the time of rolling the spouts then the whole neck will stretch equally when you work the spouts out. I saw several bottles end up this way at the “make your own bottle” event simply due to us “regular folk” who didn’t act fast enough when the spouts were to be rolled. The lip cools off fast & once that evens out with the neck temperature then the whole neck stretches when you attempt to roll the spouts out.

    • I always assumed that these were caused by the neck being too hot and the finisher being too heavy handed. That just goes to show, you are never too old to learn. Thanks for the information Uncle Mikey!

  2. You are right & I don’t want to misinform. Since there’s so many variables in glass production it can actually go both ways if there’s the perfect storm for it. Although to cause this the “hot” way instead if from it cooling would require a quick handed intention by the finisher rather than chance. After making one myself, watching others & asking questions when I was there I have a much better understanding of how these bottles are made & how errors happen. I’ve said it before but I urge everyone to sign up next year for the make your own bottle workshop, it’s great fun & worth every penny for the knowledge & insight gained.

  3. Agreed- it is a blast. I do think the blog author needs to find a way to get to the event next year. You meet the best people and have opportunities you would not have otherwise! Even standing in line at 5:45 a.m. for limited pieces is fun.

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