Day 285-Antique Green Sample

Blenko Water Bottle Antique Green Sample

I think we can all agree to call this water bottle rare.  This formulation of Antique Green was made from 1991-1999.   As you can see, we start out with an ordinary Antique Green water bottle.  A glob of Cobalt glass is centered in the indentation on both sides.  The bottom is hand etched, “WHB    X-Sample/Dot.   S-369-384“. I have to assume WHB is William Henry Blenko.   X-Sample/Dot. is fairly obvious as well (X for experimental?).   The S-369-384 is probably S for sample and 384 is the water bottle designation but the 369 is a mystery to me.  The answer is probably buried somewhere in the Blenko files where no one will ever find it.  Anyone have any ideas? ( In the year 2000, this formulation of Antique Green had it’s name changed to Seafoam and it’s label changed to the plastic hand, oval label.)

Antique Green Sample on Black

Antique Green  Sample Angled

Etching Detail


2 thoughts on “Day 285-Antique Green Sample

  1. Very neat bottle & impressive it being a true documented experimental. I can see why the idea didn’t fly though, That look isn’t too flattering in my opinion.

    • It definitely would not be my choices for a color combination. I wonder if Blenko was experimenting on it’s own or if a customer was contemplating purchasing a number of them ala Howard Johnson?

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