Day 287-Sapphire


Blenko Water Bottle Teal

This is an example of Teal from the mid 50’s.  Later examples were a little more “pastel’.  (I was going to say washed out but that may have some negative connotations.)

Blog Update-August 14, 2013-A recent email from an avid collector told me that this was the wrong “shape” for a bottle from the 50’s and that it probably has a raised ridge on the bottom and would be either Turquoise or a Teal from the late 80’s even though those are usually a lighter color.  He was correct.  There is a ridge around the bottom.  The first post was posted right around the time that we were researching the raised ridge but it was written a month or more before it was posted.  I was misled by the foil label which is most probably added long after manufacture.  The color is too dark and slightly green so it can’t be Turquoise.  I will stick with Teal for the time being.  Many thanks to the sharp collector who wrote.  This is just the kind of thing that I was hoping the blog would accomplish.

Blog Update November 29, 2013:  During my most recent visit to Blenko I found out that the earliest Sapphire was more of a Teal/Peacock color but for some reason (safety with the colorants?) the formula was changed to a color closer to Cobalt, even though the name was kept the same.  With this new information I believe that this water bottle is one of the earliest of the Sapphire pieces.




One thought on “Day 287-Sapphire

  1. The water bottle I have that I thought was deep Turquoise is the same color as this one, but just looks deeper because the glass is so thick. Thanks Lorin for solving this mystery.

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