Day 289-Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow

Another example of Yellow from 2007.  This shows the slight green tint like all of the Yellows since Blenko brought it back in 2000.  The old Opaline Yellow had a warmer hue to it.   I just happened to be at Blenko when this was made in late October of 2007.  I watched it go into the lehr and waited for it to come out the other end.  (In truth, I went and ate lunch and came back, so I waited at the restaurant.)   Mickey etched the date on it and I left with a bottle in my hand and a smile on my face.


One thought on “Day 289-Yellow

  1. Mickey is a true asset to Blenko. He is a great historian and I always learn some neat fact by talking to him. He is one of those Blenko folks whose ties go from generation to generation- his wife and daughters all work there. One of the best part of Blenko is the great people who work there!

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