Day 304-Colonial Williamsburg Amethyst

Blenko Water Bottle Mulberry

I have labored long hours over this water bottle.  I thought (read wished) that it might be Mulberry but it is not etched and Mulberry being made in 1958 should be.  It was pointed out to me by another collector that the etching did not start on January 1st in 1958 so this still could be Mulberry.  I posted it tentatively as Amethyst because the site shows a very bluish Amethyst but I think this is bluer still so I have come back to Mulberry.  So, this is my Mulberry until I can find one with BLENKO etched on the bottom.  Then I can do a comparison and make a final determination.  What ever the outcome, it is a beautiful bottle.

It was also pointed out to me that the Blenko Archives believes that there was a Violet pre-1948.  I can find no other reference besides the small “Violet” pitcher shown there (  The author of that blog is rarely, if ever, mistaken.   In the meantime I will enjoy this , whatever it is.

(Today is the day of my annual Blenko visit.  I have looked forward to this every day since my last visit.  I never get tired of watching the people of Blenko create.  Hopefully I will also find some treasures to share with you.)

Blog Update-November 29, 2013:My knowledge regarding Blenko colors is always evolving.  When I first started collecting I (wrongly) assumed that if a catalog color was discontinued and then years later it was brought back, it would be the same color (formula).  I believe now that this can be true, think Sea Green, Olive and Violet.  However, there is also Amethyst which has been a catalog color on 4 separate occasions with at least 3 different formulas, Amber is in the catalog twice with 2 different formulas, 2 different Teals, 2 different Antique Greens (actually 3 when you count the dark olive color from the Colonial Williamsburg Reproductions which was called Antique Green.)   I have lost count of the number of different Charcoals , the latest of which has a green cast.    I now believe that this water bottle is the Amethyst color that Blenko made for its’ Colonial Williamsburg Reproductions.  Those pieces were made by Blenko from 1936 to 1966 (and they have the contract again!) so this color of Amethyst was made over a long period of time and it could show up in several water bottle “styles.”


4 thoughts on “Day 304-Colonial Williamsburg Amethyst

  1. I had a great time yesterday. So glad you could visit. Let us know about the trip there today!
    Spent the rest of the evening making room for my new treasure! 🙂
    If you have never been to Blenko, by all means try to! Let me know in advance and a fellow collector will be happy to meet you there! I love that little factory!

  2. I recently acquired one of these in the same color, but in a much lighter shade. It is not acid etched on the bottom either, but I am fairly certain you are correct in your decision of the color because it (mine) matches closest to Mulberry when comparing it to the colors of Lilac, Plum, or Amethyst on the Blenko Collectors website.

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