Day 307 -Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow

I am calling this color Yellow but don’t ask me why there are clear areas.    If anyone has more information regarding this color, please let me know.   This example is from the winter/spring of 2012.

Etching Detail

Yellow under fluorescent lights


One thought on “Day 307 -Yellow

  1. Wish I had a solid technical answer but I don’t. However wouldn’t you say this occurance is common in the yellow color? I know many of the FOG mini handled pitchers were clear & yellow rather than a nice even yellow. I also saw several like yours & purchased one at Blenko in early 2012 myself. Most had light opalescent swirl/streaks in them like yours shows too. The way the swirls show up make me think the yellow has “striking” qualities to it similar to the current tangerine where each one turns out different depending on each individual fire polishing time & heat absorbtion.

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