Day 308-Colonial Willliamsburg Antique Green

Blenko Water Bottle-khaki

This is the second of two water bottles in the color I call khaki, that I have to show you.  The first was posted on Day 59 where you can read some discussion in the comments regarding what this might be.  If you have an opinion please share it.

Blog Update-November 29, 2013:My recent trip to Blenko brought me lots of new information.  In the museum upstairs, above the Visitors Center Gift Shop, there is a piece of Colonial Williamsburg Reproduction in this color. In the display case it is referred to as Amber Olive, however in the 1962 Blenko Catalog this color is listed as ANTIQUE GREEN. 

In my opinion the catalog is the record so the color designation for this is now Colonial Williamsburg Antique Green.


2 thoughts on “Day 308-Colonial Willliamsburg Antique Green

  1. Oh, wow. I think this may even beat out my favorites- love the color. I wish they would make more of this color. They have come very close to this on some vases, etc. at the VC lately. A few water bottles would sure make some people across the country very happy!

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