Day 309-Plum

During the first year (or two) of collecting, I bought what ever I could afford and often ended up with doubles and triples of some colors because there weren’t many reliable resources for determining colors.  As I learned more , I found that some of the colors had a lot of variation to them.  I confused Plum with Amethyst and the labels did not help.  Then I figured out to look at the thick part of the glass and that would often help with color determination.   This water bottle appears to be a pale Amethyst and is light enough to be Orchid or Dusty Rose, but the thick glass on the bottom shows that it is not cased and it matches the other Plum water bottles that I have.  [I should be arriving home from my trip to Blenko today.  Hopefully, there will be many more treasures to share with you.]


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