Day 310-Grass (NOT)

This is the second example of a Grass water bottle with the unusual upward pointing spouts that I have posted.  The first was shown on Day 198.  I am still slightly suspicious that these are not Blenko.  But if not, what are they?

Additional information:  If my conjecture regarding the raised ridge bottoms is true then this color is not Grass or this water bottle is not Blenko (AND therefore the color is still not Grass.)  I have only seen this spout shape in this green color and I am wondering if some apprentice at Blenko worked on adding the spouts for one day when this green was made. (?)  Neither of the two upward spout water bottles in this green color have raised ridge bottoms and  Grass falls totally within the range of the definite use of the raised ridge mold.  See Day 265 for the post regarding raised ridge bottoms.


One thought on “Day 310-Grass (NOT)

  1. I have one of these bottles and I too am puzzled by it. I lean towards the idea of it being Blenko but finished by someone of different finishing style or technique on that run of green bottles.

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