Day 313-Lime

Blenko Water Bottle Lime

I have included a photograph of the lip of this Lime water bottle because it shows a “scar” left behind when the bubble on the top was removed and fire polished.  Most of the scars are much less pronounced or even non-existant but this illustrates that part of the process which was explained on Day 44.

Lip Detail

I returned home from my trip to Blenko Sunday evening at 7 PM.  I am finally caught up enough to relay the information that I received while there.  All of this information will be added to the previously posted items where it is appropriate, but I think that most people do not go back and read posts, so I am listing it all here first so everyone will see it.

-Orange cased in Crystal is not experimental.  It is called Sunburst by Blenko.

-If Crystal is cased with orange or Yellow, that produces the opalene swirls seen in Dreamcicle and Opalene Yellow.  Crystal on the outside does not change the color.  I do not yet know if this would work with other colors or just orange and Yellow.  (Orange and Yellow only.)

-When a Seabreeze water bottle has a copper rim, it comes from overheating.  There is copper in the glass and the heat brings it out.

-Water bottle molds are iron and do not wear out.  Blenko has 3 or 4 water bottle molds and that includes the very first metal water bottle mold that they had made.

-If Blenko needs to make Seabreeze and the large furnaces are full of other colors, they will make a “dark Seabreeze” formula in one of the smaller furnaces and case it in Crystal.  This explains why Seabreeze is sometimes found in the cased form.  So, our dark Seabreeze water bottles may not have been a mistake in the formula.  They may have just made dark Seabreeze in the large furnace, on purpose or by mistake and made the dark Seabreeze water bottles from that.   (Dark Seabreeze WAS an error.)

-Seabreeze started out as a sheet glass color and was added to the Blenko catalog for blown glass.

Every answer prompts new questions but my time with Katie is brief.  I have started a new list of questions for the next visit.

-There will be a new catalog coming out for 2013/2014 with new designs.

-New and retiring catalog colors have not been finalized yet.  Violet may be replaced with a reformulated Amethyst.  I will let you know as soon as I find out.


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