Day 325-Seabreeze

Blenko Water Bottle stained glass

When I purchased this back in 2008, I was told that it was not Peacock but one of the colors used to make stained glass.  There had been more glass made than they needed for their stained glass so the remainder went into water bottles.  This is the story that the seller told.  They may have believed it to be true.  I am only relating the story without judging it’s truthfulness.  The bottom is etched Blenko 2008.  Now that I have seen not only Seabreeze but also the Dark Seabreeze that was made in 2011 in error, I believe that this was an experimental form of Seabreeze.  Now, it could be what the seller said is true  and the good  people at Blenko liked the color enough to make a variation of it the catalog color we know as Seabreeze.  Or, not?

Additional information: On Tuesday October 30, 2012 Katie Trippe of Blenko took time from her schedule to answer a barrage of questions.  I was told that Seabreeze was indeed a Stained glass color that became a catalog color.  When asked why it is sometimes cased and sometimes not, she explained that sometimes they need to make Seabreeze and the larger furnaces are filled with other colors.  They will then use the smaller furnace and make their “dark Seabreeze” formula and case it, so they can fill their orders in a more timely manner.  So Seabreeze is Seabreeze whether cased or not.

Blenko Water Bottle Seabreeze

Below, you will find a couple of comparison photographs with this bottle compared to a regular Seabreeze and then between a regular Seabreeze and a Dark Seabreeze “error.”  When I made this comparison, I was convinced that this bottle was just an early experimental form of Seabreeze.  Do you agree?

Seabreeze vs. “Stained Glass”

Seabreeze-“Stained Glass”-Dark Seabreeze


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