Day 327-Tangerine No Spouts

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine No Spouts

I purchased this directly from Blenko when I visited there in November of 2010.  They were adding up the order when I spotted this in a box on the floor.  The rim is not the best executed work that I have seen but I would think that it would be difficult to work around the iron bracket used to hold the water bottle.  I’d like to see more of these.  What do you think, Rare?

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine

This example missed the etching process so there is no date on the bottom.


2 thoughts on “Day 327-Tangerine No Spouts

  1. Interesting, but in my opinion not rare. I guess it is on 1 hand because Blenko doesn’t make these regularly but not rare because at any given point Blenko can make this from any water bottle by simply rolling the lip out rather than turn spouts out. Still neat to see what is possible however.

  2. I do like it, but In my humble opinion Blenko would have to refer to it as a vase because the spouts make it a pitcher aka “Water Bottle”

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