Day 328- Ruby Frosted

Blenko Water Bottle Ruby Frosted

This is a photo of the only  regular water bottle with a frosted finish that I own.  There is no date etched on the bottom of most frosted water bottles because the bottoms are also frosted and that usually obliterates the etching.  Frosted water bottles were first offered in 1999 so there are a few of them out there with the orange B label on them. These water bottles are not often seen so I assume that they do not sell all that well.  I know some of the collectors are really wild about them though and they will probably continue to be on the rare side.  These water bottles start out are regular, shiny, water bottles which are then sandblasted with iron filings to make the “satin” finish.  A great deal of care is necessary so they do not fracture from the pressure of the sandblasting.

Ruby Frosted on Black Background

Ruby Frosted Comparison

The photo above shows the frosted Ruby on the right compared to the regular unfrosted water bottle.


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