Day 346-Yellow

Blenko Water Bottle Yellow

Another mystery color that I have thrown into the Yellow category for lack of a better place to put it.  This has no label or etching so it is hard to say what time period it is from.

Blog Update August 14, 2013:  This bottle has a raised ridge bottom and is therefore most likely from the 70’s or 80’s.  Please do not miss the comments or the additional photo posted below.


Close-up of possible casing.

Close-up of possible casing.


4 thoughts on “Day 346-Yellow

  1. This bottle should have a lip on the bottom. I don’t believe it is Lemon therefore it must be some off shoot of Opaline Yellow from 1986. Is the bottled cased?

    • You are a very astute observer. I wish that I had the eye for shape that you have. (For the first 2 years that I collected I did not even notice the difference between a Vineyard water bottle and a Howard Johnson water bottle. Someone had to point it out to me for it to be obvious.) All of my observations are hard won and I am very happy when someone comes along to show me something that I have missed. It is not cased. (It is not cased in Crystal, however there is what looks like a thin layer of Crystal inside the yellow. I will add a close-up if I can get that to show.) I think that Lemon was too early for the raised ridge bottom (until someone comes up with one!) It could be an offshoot of Opaline Yellow or perhaps an experimental color. The color of the yellow is like yellow Vaseline so I do not think that it is any kind of Amber, Wheat or Topaz. Examples of Opaline (not Opaline Yellow) are shown on the following days: 84, 173, 323 and 298. That will give you an idea of what the color looks like up close.

      Originally I had daringly tagged this as TANGERINE. Looking at some of my pale Tangerine water bottles I am seriously thinking that I might have been correct. Check out the close up photo, compare it to the yellow in your pale Tangerine and let me know what you think.

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