Day 348-aquamarine

Blenko Water Bottle ultramarine

I have puzzled over the color of this water bottle since the day it arrived.  I considered Teal but it is not blue enough and teal was not made until 1954 while I believe this water bottle to be circa 1940.  I also considered Emerald which would be in the right date range but I think Emerald would be a little greener.  I would certainly like to hear what your opinion is.  Until then, we will call it aquamarine.


4 thoughts on “Day 348-aquamarine

  1. I have what looks like the same bottle too. Very thick, clunkerish, from an old estate so I know its of the 40s-50s era & Doesn’t match any known colors. Wish I could help, but I’ve been puzzled too by this one. …When I hear the color aquamarine I think of the pretty pale blue by Anchor Hocking, not this shade, but for Blenko & to simply assign a name I suppose that works.

  2. When I chose the name for this I was thinking that it looked a bit like Blenko’s Aqua. But it couldn’t be Aqua so I used aquamarine as an homage to an existing Blenko color.

  3. In later years around 2000 give and take a few, Emerald had more of a bluish tint which was incredibly beautiful in my opinion. Could we be looking at the same thing here,but just in a much earlier bottle? Some of Blenko’s Emerald is stone cold green and very deep, but I have seen many that are in a very beautful Blue Green. Only in the newer ones though. Maybe we are looking at a first here. Just my thoughts. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across this page and was motivated to make a comment.

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