Day 349-Tangerine

Blenko Water Bottle Tangerine

I want to speculate that this Tangerine water bottle was made fairly early in the “run” of water bottles for the day.  The rim is a great dark red color from reheating during the fire polishing.  The body colors are fairly light which, to me, means that very little extra heat was applied to this after being blown.  That would mean that the tool that holds the water bottle so the rim can be finished has not picked up much residual heat, which I am sure it would do after handling hot glass for an extended period of time.  Once the holder has more heat (I am guessing) the yellow areas would strike red and the clear areas would strike yellow.

Etching Detail


Once again, I am requesting that you collectors think about sharing what is in your collection.  You can do this anonymously if you prefer.  I know you have cameras so what is holding you back?


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