Day 359-Persian VINEYARD

Blenko VINEYARD Water Bottle Persian

Since I posted the Vineyard water bottles back in June, I have acquired a few more that I can post now.  This example is the illusive color Persian.  If you recall, I posted a blue Howard Johnson bottle back in June that I was reluctant to call Persian and I called it Cobalt.  I am still undecided about that one which I have pictured in the first comparison shot  below.  I am still going with Cobalt on that example and will hope some clarifying information turns up at some point.  I am not sure exactly when Howard Johnson water bottles were made but I am of the opinion that it was after the Vineyard line because none of my HoJo bottles are etched and they come in colors that were not catalog colors for that time period.   At my current level of knowledge, the only way I am sure that I have a Persian water bottle is that it is etched BLENKO like the first photo below.

Etching Detail

Persian Vineyard on the left-Cobalt (?)  HoJo on the right

Persian-Cobalt Comparison


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