Day 365 -Pink Ice Diamond Optic

Blenko Diamond Optic Water Bottle Pink Ice

In May of 2012, Blenko produced at least one batch of Pink Ice, some of which was made into water bottles, including regular, Diamond Optic and Straight Optic.   They also produced a small number of mini water bottles in Pink Ice.   I do not know if Blenko was just being cautious and insuring that the Pink Ice was stable or if they anticipated problems and made the Pink Ice early so they could try again if there was a problem.  What ever the case, it was finally released at the Festival of Glass on August 3 and 4 of 2012.   I am very happy to be able to show you the results of their hard work.  These water bottles are etched “Blenko 2012” on the bottom.  Can you guess what the posting for tomorrow will be?

Etching Detail


3 thoughts on “Day 365 -Pink Ice Diamond Optic

  1. Thanks for 365 days of beautiful bottles and information!! I know you have invested a lot of time and energy into this great project and we have enjoyed it! Thanks!
    My guess for tomorrow is the beautiful pink ice straight optic!

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