Day 367-Topaz with Monkey Swing

Blenko Water Bottle Topaz

 You might be wondering why A YEAR OF BLENKO WATER BOTTLES is still posting water bottles now that the year of 2012 has come and gone.  I promised to list at least one unique Blenko water bottle every day for a year.   Well, it has been a year, but for 12 days in February I listed non-Blenko water bottles and for 6 days in August I listed mini water bottles, so technically I owe you 18 more days, which I hope to accomplish in the first 18 days of January.


On rare occasions when a piece of glass is blown, some of the glass stays connected from one side to the other creating a sort of “bridge” between the 2 sides.  The first time I saw these I was told that they were called “Monkey Swings”.  The photos of this would be hard to interpret with out a verbal description of what you are looking at.  Basically, there is a cord of glass that spans from one side to the other and it has slumped down almost to the bottom.

Etching Detail

Monkey Swing From the Front

Here you can see that the cord of glass is attached to the front and back of the water bottle.

Monkey Swing From the Side

This photo shows the glass cord slumping down toward the bottom like a swing.

Monkey Swing From the Top

This photo is probably just confusing to look at.  I have no idea what causes this to happen.  This is the only time I have ever seen it in a water bottle.


3 thoughts on “Day 367-Topaz with Monkey Swing

    • I would be happy to do that but I don’t have enough water bottles to accomplish that. It can only happen if blog followers step up with photos and descriptions.???????????

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