Day 374-Cobalt

Blenko Water Bottle Cobalt

One of the palest Cobalt water bottles that I have seen, this is another clunker that it seems more and more of the collectors are beginning to appreciate.  Maybe, they always loved them and are just now beginning to admit it.


4 thoughts on “Day 374-Cobalt

  1. I have always loved them, but your website has definitely inspired me to have a greater appreciation of them. I’m still waiting to find a solid glass one (lol).

    • Don’t think for one minute that I have not thought about a solid galass water bottle. The spouts would be problematic though. (I love these old clunkers so much that I just bought ANOTHER Sea Green.)

  2. I’m a sucker for them as well. I love it when they are full of bubbles. I have a Crystal one that I believe is a Marine Crystal or late example of one when some of the color could still be seen in them. It’s an early clucker because it has all the qualities of one. The thing that makes it extra special is that it is full of thousands of tiny seed bubbles! I love it. It has smaller and more bubbles than the newer Seeded Crystal bottle. I didn’t think that was possible at the time. It’s one of my favorites which is strange for someone who usually goes for color!

  3. BTW – This medium or light Cobalt “cluncker” is beautiful! I have a “Sky Blue” cluncker which has tons of bubbles, but not a cobalt one. I particularly love the crudity of the glass.

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