Day 377-Desert Green(s)

Blenko Water Bottles Desert Green

This is a bit unusual for me but I am blogging two water bottles at once.  I have already given up one of these bottles to another collector and it was a bit of a struggle choosing because they are so different from each other.   You may have seen these water bottles on ebay back in October of 2012.  They were sold as a pair but the photos were not good enough to tell that they were anything but green, except I spotted a small glimmer of Topaz in the bottom of one of the pictures and I thought that I was looking at avocado.  Well, I am a sucker for that glint of amber at the bottom of the avocado bottles so I bid and won.  The box arrived just before I left to go on my annual trip to Blenko and you can imagine my surprise and delight when I removed the first water bottle from it’s wrappings.  My first thought was, “That is too blue to be avocado.”  And immediately I knew that they were Desert Green, but not just any Desert Green but catalog Desert Green from the 1996/1997 time period.  The reason I did not recognize them in the photo is that I am accustomed to seeing a much larger area of Topaz at the base.  When I initially saw the Topaz casing, my highly trained Blenko mind went immediately (and wrongly) to avocado.

Now to address the placement of the labels, I believe that someone peeled the labels off the neck area and placed them in the bottom corner.  There are loose areas around all sides of both labels as though they were removed and re-applied.  Who might have done this and why will forever be a mystery.  If you didn’t like looking at the labels just turn the bottles around or remove and stick them on the bottom to save them.

Back on Day 46 when I posted the first Desert Green, I mentioned that Desert Green had been a catalog color in 1996 and 1997 and wondered if they had made any water bottles then.  I can tell you now, they did!

Blenko Water Bottle Desert Green

Casing Detail

Blenko Water Bottle Desert Green

Casing Detail


2 thoughts on “Day 377-Desert Green(s)

  1. What a great surprise from an eBay purchase! I know 1st hand how tough it is to capture the true colors sometimes & it’s always nice to have such a positive outcome when you cut the box open. ….I love all contrasting cased & fade colors…Blenko really needs to do more of them.

    • It is rare that you get a positive surprise when you open the box. Most surprises are anything but positive. (Like: oh no, another Sea Green, or the seller failed to mention the hard water stains or the bottle comes out in pieces.) This was definitely a thrill.

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